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of Lymphoma
Clinical Research

Imaging Platform: LYSA-IM

Based on nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists, all experts of lymphoma, and on a devoted LYSARC team, the LYSA-IM platform allows a quick review of imaging studies, in less than 48 hours, that are decision-making for treatment protocols (for instance response during treatment).

Located at Henri Mondor University Hospital (Créteil, France), this platform organizes the analyses of the imaging outcome (from CT, PET and MRI) of lymphoma patients, performed in clinical centers with the help of the web-based application Imagys® (cooperation with Keosys, a French company specializing in clinical research imaging).

This centralized review allows also to conduct ancillary research works on new evaluation parameters and new prognostic index by using PET imaging as a biomarker.


  • LYSA-IM created the first online interpretation network of PET images accessible to several viewers and allowing centralized reviews in less than 48 hours
  • LYSA-IM established Deauville Criteria, that are used worldwide and served as a the basis for the new Lugano classification
  • LYSA-IM currently develops the measurement of tumor metabolic volume as a pre-therapeutic prognostic factor and as an alternative to classical methods of lymphoma staging

Please, download our imaging platform leaflet (.pdf)!