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International Workshop on PET in Lymphoma and Myeloma (PILM)

14 septembre 2018,

The 7th edition of PILM will take place in Menton in France from 4 to 6 October 2018.

The meeting, co-organized by LYSA, will dedicate sessions to PET in myeloma, to new tracers such as the radio-conjugate imaging CXCR4 and their perspectives and to PET and minimal residual disease. Presentations of correlation between PET quantitative parameters and data obtained from molecular biology or liquid biopsy will be discussed as well as models relating PET metabolic tumor volume and tcDNA.

A session will focus on the advances in volume and total lesion glycolysis and how it can be integrated within the prognostic indices. Results from several important PET guided clinical trials will be presented by different cooperative groups.

A joint session with the international cancer imaging society (ICIS), planned on 7 October morning will focus on bone marrow imaging in hematological malignancies. These and other innovative aspects of imaging (radiomics and radiomics associated to metabolomics) will contribute to maintain the high scientific level of the meeting.

Please download the preliminary program (.pdf)!

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