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The LYSARC Board of Directors is composed of physicians with large experience in lymphoma, representing different specialties (clinicians, pathologists, biologists), with international recognition for their research and scientific publications in the field.

Current President of LYSARC is Prof. Gilles Salles (Lyon-Sud University Hospital, Pierre-Bénite, France) and the General Manager is Dr. Pascal Bilbault.

Flow chart of LYSARC

LYSARC organization

The operational teams of LYSARC are splitted between two main areas: Clinical operations and Platforms. They benefit from several support functions (finance, legal, information systems, human resources, administration). A quality assurance department makes the core structure complete.

LYSARC also funds Clinical Research Associates in the French centers of LYSA having the greatest potential for patient recruitment.

LYSARC is a multisite organization. Staff are located in France and Belgium, always at hospitals to ensure their proximity to the research activities of LYSA, which is the main patient and project provider for the studies run by LYSARC.

LYSARC’s headquarters are located at Lyon-Sud University Hospital (Pierre-Bénite, France), the other main staff locations being Saint-Louis University Hospital (Paris, France), Henri Mondor University Hospital (Créteil, France) and Mont-Godinne University Hospital (Yvoir, Belgium).