Academic partner
of Lymphoma
Clinical Research


The creation of LYSARC goes back to the establishment of GELARC (Groupe d’Etude des Lymphomes de l’Adulte – Recherche Clinique) in July 2000.

The founders and governance originated from GELA (Groupe d’Etude des Lymphomes de l’Adulte), a cooperative group established in 1984 as an association gathering French, Belgian, Luxembourgian and Swiss clinicians, pathologists and biologists to optimize the efforts of basic and clinical research on adult lymphoma. From this creation, GELARC contributed to the operational implementation of scientific projects of GELA and its academic and industrial partners, facing a parallel growth to the portfolio of GELA projects.

In February 2012, LYSA, The Lymphoma Study Association, was founded from the merging of GELA and the Lymphoma Committee of GOELAMS (Groupe Ouest-Est d’études des Leucémies Aigües et autres Maladies du Sang), another cooperative group founded in 1992 by the restructuring of the Hematology centers of the West and the East of France, associated to several Parisian centers and tackling both leukemia and lymphoma. A leading academic player in the lymphoma research international arena, at the service of patients, was born.

In June 2012, GELARC officially became the operational structure associated with the research activities of LYSA and was renamed LYSARC, The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation. LYSARC is nowadays the largest European academic organization devoted to lymphoma clinical research operations.

LYSA and LYSARC are two legally independent associations.