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LYSA, The Lymphoma Study Association, is the ‘parent’ structure of LYSARC.

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Established in February 2012, LYSA is the result of the merger of GELA (The Lymphoma Adult Study Group) and of the Lymphoma Committee of GOELAMS (The West-East Group for the Study of Leukemia and other Blood Diseases).
GELA was established as an association in 1984, gathering French, Belgian, Luxembourgian and Swiss clinicians, statisticians, pathologists and biologists to maximize the efforts of basic and clinical research in the adult lymphoma field. More than 23,000 patients have participated in GELA trials since then. The dynamism of the association is particularly linked to early studies highlighting the contribution of certain patterns of intensive chemotherapy and the evaluation of new medicines, such as interferon and rituximab.

GOELAMS was established in 1992 through the cooperation of the hematology centers in hospitals of West and East of France, together with several Paris-based hospitals. This clinical research group was targeting both leukemia and lymphoma.
The prominent role of these two groups was highlighted by its ability to gather most French lymphoma specialists during clinical trials, by the results obtained in these trials and by their contribution to the histological and biological knowledge of lymphomas.

In February 2012, these two groups (GELA and GOELAMS) decided to merge their efforts and skills to become a significant player at the international level in the field of lymphoma research, in the interest of patients.

The establishment of LYSARC goes back to the creation by GELA of GELARC, the Adult Lymphoma Study Group – Clinical Research, in July 2000.

In June 2012, GELARC officially became the operational structure associated with the research activities of the new LYSA group and was renamed LYSARC, The Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation.
LYSA and LYSARC are two legally independent associations (under the French law of 1901).