Academic partner
of Lymphoma
Clinical Research

Integrated Expertise for Better Outcomes

LYSARC closely interacts with LYSA network and benefits from the internationally renowned expertise of its members:

•  A multidisciplinary environment of clinicians, biologists, pathologists, imaging experts, statisticians and experts experienced in the research of different histological subtypes of lymphoma, who are able to raise relevant questions and launch realistic hypothesis through clinical protocols and their ancillary sub-studies

• Experienced researchers and hospital teams specializing in the different phases of lymphoma clinical research across more than 120 centers in France, Belgium, Portugal and Israel

• A facilitated patient enrolment potential offered by the network of LYSA centers. For studies requiring a greater enrolment or dealing with rare histological subtypes of lymphoma, recruitment is performed through international collaborations with foreign academic groups, partners of LYSA (in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia). Moreover, LYSARC has developed the smartphone application ClinTrial Refer LYSA to help study centers to increase lymphoma patient recruitment in LYSA protocols. This new tool provides physicians with real-time information on each on-going trial. Downloadable for free on iOS or Android store, it is completely anonymous and does not store any confidential information.

Please download our ClinTrial Refer Lysa leaflet (.pdf)!