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Pathology platform: LYSA-P

LYSA-P platform gathers LYSA’s hematopathological experts and a LYSARC specialized technical team for the central review of patient tumor tissue samples.


Located at Henri Mondor University Hospital (Créteil, France), this platform is made up of a laboratory and last generation equipment for the realization of proofreading and numerous translational studies:

  • multiheaded microscopes,
  • microtomes,
  • immunohistochemistry slide staining and coloration platform,
  • semi-automatic tissue arrayer,
  • device for automatized nucleic acid extraction from FFPE and frozen samples,

It has a state-of-the-art equipment for scanning, analysis and networking of digital microscope slides:

  • High-capacity slide scanner
  • (120 slides loader– ScanScope XT, Apeiro – LEICA)
  • FISH slide scanner (PathScan® Combi)
  • Internet and intranet server
  • Software suite for the management of microscopy imaging (CalopixWorkstation – TRIBVN): slides visualization, imaging analyses, morphometry, colorimetry, tissue microarray analysis, annotations
  • Collaborative platform of virtual slide sharing with web acces (Teleslide – Multimedia et Télémédecine TRIBVN)

This platform is linked to the University Hospital biobank where frozen biopsy samples are stored.

Digital pathology is at the service of LYSA pathologists, for varied applications:

  • Diagnosis: slide review of protocol cases by digital pathology. Requests for advice and prescription of complementary techniques remotely.
  • Translational research works: high-throughput analysis of tissue micro-array, morphometry, exchanges of results, scientific publications…
  • Ongoing training of pathologists: collection of slides for sharing and analysis of tough or difficult cases, publications for congresses.

Please, download our digital pathology platform leaflet (.pdf)!