Academic partner
of Lymphoma
Clinical Research

Our environment

LYSARC is with LYSA, a founding member of the French Cooperative Groups in Oncology (GCO), the European Lymphoma Institute (ELI), the CALYM Carnot institute.

LYSARC is the operational organization associated to the research activities of LYSA, the Lymphoma Study Association, a cooperative group, international leader of lymphoma research with its 750 members. This internationally renowned network of lymphoma experts closely collaborates with LYSARC at all stages of its studies.

LYSARC is with LYSA a founding member of:

Through these organizations, LYSARC academic, international and partnership activities are potentiated.

LYSARC was distinguished by the French National Cancer Institute, which supports its activities. It is accredited since 2007 “Data Treatment Center” and together with LYSA “French Cooperative Intergroup of International Dimension in the Field of Cancer” since 2012.

LYSARC is partner of the French Ligue Against Cancer (Ligue contre le Cancer) for clinical trials.