Academic partner
of Lymphoma
Clinical Research


Through various competitive calls for projects or audits, LYSARC has been distinguished by several institutions, which provide support to LYSARC’s activities.

ReconnaissanceLYSARC was accredited in 2007 as a “Data Management Center” ( by the French National Institute of Cancer. Together with LYSA, it was recognized in 2012 as a “French Cooperative Intergroup of International Dimension in the Field of Cancer” by the same institute. LYSARC is a part of the CALYM consortium, devoted to R&D partnering in the lymphoma field, certified “Carnot Institute” by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education since April 2011. It also benefits from the activities of the GLOBAL CARE consortium formed by the five “Human Health” Carnot institutes (CALYM, Pasteur MS, Curie-Cancer, Voir et Entendre, ICM), financed by the French government’s “Investments for the Future” program. LYSARC is also a member of the FINDMED consortium, the network of the eleven Carnot institutes devoted to research in the “Health-Medicines” field.

LYSARC also benefits from the support of the “Ligue Contre le Cancer” through the proofreading of study documents by the patients committees and was for several years one of the clinical research networks supported by the French National Centre for the Management of Trials on Health Industry Products (CeNGEPS).

Since 2009, LYSARC has been eligible to the French Research Tax Credit, approved by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education.