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of Lymphoma
Clinical Research


In lymphoma clinical research the following specific features are required:

  • la-recherche-clinique-specificitesAccess to a multidisciplinary environment of clinicians, biologists, pathologists, imaging experts, statisticians and experts experienced in the research of different histological subtypes of lymphoma, who are able to raise relevant questions and launch realistic hypothesis through clinical protocols and their ancillary sub-studies
  • Experienced researchers, hospital teams and a central operational organization, all specializing in the different phases of lymphoma clinical research, including a specific organization for early-phase clinical trials
  • Support of patient groups trained to proofread protocol and consent form of lymphoma trials
  • Potential to enroll, via international collaborations, enough patients for rare lymphomas or registration trials
  • Ability to conduct, with high quality standards, centralized review of lymphoma pathology and imaging, key features of lymphoma clinical trials
  • Effective logistics for the collection, banking and management of biological samples from lymphoma protocols