Academic partner
of Lymphoma
Clinical Research

  • Clinical research

    La recherche clinique du lymphome

    Lymphoma clinical research aims at developing better tolerated and more efficient treatments and at optimising combinations and treatment regimen, for each lymphoma subtype.



    LYSARC is the largest European academic oragnization devoted to clinical research operations in the lymphoma field.

  • Expertise


    LYSARC conducts clinical trials frmm phase I to IV in the exclusive field of lymphoma

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  • Platforms


    LYSARC brings its operational resources and LYSA its scientific experts to several key platforms for the study of lymphoma therapies and biomarkers.

  • Collaborate


    LYSARC puts its operational expertise and its long-standing experience of clinical research in the lymphoma field at the service of LYSA and its academic and industry partners.

  • Our environment

    L’environnement du LYSARC

    LYSARC is with LYSA, a founding member of the French Cooperative Groups in Oncology (GCO), the European Lymphoma Institute (ELI), the CALYM Carnot institute.

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